📌 Baofeng UV-5R III Tri-Band Unboxing Review and Programming the Transceiver

Inexpensive Walkie Talkie Baofeng UV-5R III Transceiver, is easy to setup and use. There is good clarity on the two way radio channels, and is available to purchase from Banggood.
📌 https://www.banggood.com/custlink/G3DKAE5JIl
Click 4:49 to Goto Frequency Programming
Click 6:16 to Goto Baofeng UV-5R III in Action on location at a Jetty.
I have listed a few of the Baofeng UV-5R III tri band features below.
Note: The Battery is uncharged for shipping, and will take 5 Hours to fully charge.
* 128 Channels
* Menu has 40 functions
* FM Radio included
* Scan button
* Alarm function
* Built in LED flashlight
* Programmable by PC
* Easily programmed

▶ Chapters
00:00 – Intro
00:11 – Unboxing
01:31 – Instruction Manual
02:13 – Radio Overview
04:55 – Radio Programming
06:16 – Radio Onsite Demonstration

Australian Citizen Band 80 Channel Frequencies link below for programming into your radio.
📌 https://www.radioindustries.com.au/uhf-frequencies.html

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