#205: Amateur Radio Field Day 2015 at Guglielmo Marconi Memorial Park

Here’s a short video from my impromptu solo station setup for amateur radio field day on June 27th, 2015. I setup a portable ham radio station at Guglielmo Marconi Memorial Park in Franklin Twp, NJ. This site was part of the original Marconi Wireless Corporation’s 200kW transmitting station known as NFF which was constructed in 1913. Thus, I thought it was a fun and appropriate place to setup a temporary ham radio station for field day. You can read more about this site here:
You can learn more about Field Day here:
and here:
The station I setup was an Icom IC-703+ running approximately 5W of RF power into an end-fed halfwave wire antenna that was hoisted into a tree. Power for the station was provided by a 12V, 7Ahr gel-cell battery. I’ve shown my portable station setup in a previous video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIZVBKND_II />The weather was lousy (raining), but I did manage to make several contacts. Documented in the video were two contacts to the state of Illinois, and one to the state of Minnesota – not bad from NJ using about the same amount of power as an ordinary night-light.

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