#292: QRP-Guys Multi-Z Antenna Tuner for low power on 40m-10m (7-30MHz)

This video shows the assembly, design and operation of the QRPGuys Multi-Z QRP antenna tuner. This is a very nice little unit that is perfect for low-power / QRP operation in the field where lightweight and small size are important. It will operate from 40m to the 10m band. It features a built-in SWR indicator making is easy to use with transmitters that don’t have an SWR meter. The tuner can be configured to tune coax fed antennas, as well as random wire and balanced feedline. Great little tuner kit. More information can be found on their website for the product:
Multi-Z tuner page: https://qrpguys.com/multi-tuner
Main homepage for QRP-Guys: https://qrpguys.com

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