#305: Measuring Total Harmonic Distortion THD using an FFT on an oscilloscope

This video shows how to use the FFT function on an oscilloscope to measure the relative amplitude of the harmonic distortion components of a signal, and then take those results and compute the THD, or Total Harmonic Distortion. Actual measurements are shown, and results are validated by a THD calculator in the scope as well as a THD measuring multimeter.

Videos mentioned in this video are:
Audio Compressor project: https://youtu.be/1h0FZJYXQ_w
Demo of above: https://youtu.be/pUii_pDQxg8
Basics of using FFT: https://youtu.be/oRf-IpG6XAw
Basics of dB: https://youtu.be/1mulRI-EZ80
Notes from this video:

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