#36: Function Generator issues appearing as a triggering problem

This video is a response to a thread on the EEVBlog forum here:
http://www.eevblog.com/forum/beginners/connecting-instek-sfg-1003-to-rigol-ds1052e/ where MikeK is seeing instable triggering with his new Rigol oscilloscope when viewing the output of his Instek signal generator. I suspect that the problem lies with noise or other disturbance on the function generator’s output, and not a problem with his scope. This video shows the same effects that he is reporting, and shows that the issue lies with noise/junk on the FG waveform, and that the scope triggering is operating properly. The problem does not show up on square waves because the edges are to fast for the disturbances to occur (the edge is faster than the noise).

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