ARC Meeting January 2023   Claude Ray, AC4SH   Parks on the Air POTA

Our first meeting of 2023..

Claude Ray, AC4SH, from the Athens (GA) Radio Club presented on Parks on the Air (POTA), a ham activity where hams deploy in Federal and State parks and make contacts with other hams, both in and outside parks.
Hams in parks are called “activators” and hams outside, who are looking for hams in parks, to contact are called “hunters”.
The activators call CQ and handle the pile up of hunters trying to contact them. Hunters and activators get certificates at varying levels of activity such as QSO counts, number of different parks worked, etc.
POTA isn’t a competitive event. The idea is to get outside in the sunshine, practice outdoor operations, and talk to other hams all over the place. Or, to put it another way: To Have Fun!

Because this is the first meeting of the year, John Talipsky, Jr, N3ACK, the ARC president solicited suggestions for events and activities the members would to. He also presented a list of tentative events and activities tentatively planned for the rest of the year.

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