Baofeng Basics – UV-5R ANI DTMF Multi Tone Automatic Number Identification Demo [CHIRP Only Setting]

08/11/2023. See description for links to videos showing ANI use on a VHF land mobile radio system:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Baofeng UV5R demo ANI function DTMF ID burst on Baofeng UV-5R ANI EOT end of transmission BOT beginning of transmission UV-82 UV-82HP TIDRADIO TD-UV5R automatic number identification DTMF selective calling Baofeng menu settings end of transmission delay 0ms to 50ms 5 seconds 500ms 50ms DTMF burst time. MURS Channel 1 frequency license free channel used for demo. Baofeng UV-5R demo.

DTMF settings using CHIRP programming software. Adjustment of ANI / DTMF tone burst duration and PTT delay after PTT push to talk mic button is unkeyed before ANI transmission. MDC1200 selective calling 9K20F3E 9K10F3E 9K90F1D 9K10F2E 8K50F3E 10K8F3E 16K0F3E 16K0G3E 11K0G1D 11K0F3E emission 36K0F3E VULOS VHF UHF LOS LINE OF SIGHT

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