Baofeng uv-5r APRSdroid app: Apparently the Ruskies received my RF Packet?

So, apparently I received ISS packets as they flew over. I checked a ISS tracker, they flew right over me. I was transmitting Beacon Packets, maybe they received me?
It’s RSOISS in QRZ if anybody is interested. I don’t want their QSL.
I was on 144.390 MHz which you can see if your screen is big enough.
145.825 MHz is the normal ISS frequency.
ITs Friday, Thank God for rainy days. So, right now this system is completely working RF- Sending, Receiving, Messaging. I need to get up on a hill with my Diamond Antenna. This is for Hobbyists, I don’t see any reliable, emergency use for this? but that’s just me. My phone has a headset plug glitch, which needs to be fully figured out.
I’m getting sick and tired of punk keyboard jockey, wanna be CEO’s. Had to bail on Ham Radio Crash Courses Discord and YouTube over this Russian ISS business.
I’d even given this Motherfucker my Callsign and he’s trying to convince me I’d been licensed for a month? I’ve been Extra Class 20 years, Marine Corps Telecom Tech, Deutsche Welle Technical Monitor, EF Johnson Commercial Sales Rep- there you go.

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