Baofeng UV5R Unbox, component descriptions, assembly, setup (long version)

This is a detailed unboxing, inventory and initial setup video of the Baofeng UV5R. These are available for the most competitive prices from overseas vendors, especially Banggood and others direct from China. If you want to buy direct and cheap, try this link
UV5R radio />
AA battery pack housing: />
Spare lithium ion battery />
Now if you are reading further down, this is NOT just some advertisement, and you should be warned, there is very little buyer support for these radios in the US because a lot of sellers hate the competition. That said, local radio sellers actually make most of the profit on these because of being able to provide local service in the form of replacement parts, accessories, and programming services. I should stress that these radios are next to useless without competent programming, and purely amateur users will probably be better off using a simpler FRS and or GMRS type radio.

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