Be my buddy! Icom IC-705  together with the Buddistick antenna. 2 in 1 review!

Icom IC-705 transceiver is really good for portable work. Giving out 10 W of power , it requires though as efficient antenna as possible to be used with. IC-705 does not have a built-in automatic antenna tuner. So, it means the resonant antennas are preferable, or use of an external ATU. Both ways are good as there is big variety of tuners , including Icom’s own specially designed for the IC-705, and great variety of resonant antennas. The Buddistick antenna by Buddipole company is one of the most popular portable HF 40-6m antennas. It might be very useful when there is no room for any other type of longer wire antennas. It is rapidly deployable and is quite versatile in its installation possibilities. These are pros. But there are some cons also. In this video I wanted to share with you my own experience with this antenna in pair with the IC-705. It’s pretty lengthy video but I just wanted to take my time and tell and show things which I thought were important for me and might be useful for others.
I mention in my video the Quick mount set-up for safe and quick mounting and dismounting vertical telescopic whips. Here is my other video in which I was testing such a set with another vertical antenna. />
Thanks for watching, please consider subscribing as I am going to make a Part II on Buddipole : 2 Buddisticks as a dipole! And not only this. Stay tuned! And stay safe!

73! Linas LY2H

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