Building an Amateur Radio Repeater  Part One:  The Hardware

Want to know what goes in to building an Amateur Radio Repeater? Grab a cup of coffee and watch as I get started building one at my location.

For over 20 years, KB9SIP and KB9SGN operated and maintained a repeater in Ridgeport, IN. Recently, the site lost electrical service and the equipment shed degraded to a point where something needed to happen. In April of 2022, we visited the site to salvage what equipment we could and relocate the system at my location on my 100′ Trylon Tower.

In Part One, I’ll show you the equipment that I’ll be using and walk you through the process of building a home for it. A lot of things that we’ll be doing for this project are new to me, so this is an exciting learning opportunity.

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00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Backstory of Project
01:10 – 2022 Drone Video of the Ridgeport, IN Repeater Location
02:06 – 2014 Visit to the Ridgeport Repeater
02:36 – 2022 Return Visit to the Ridgeport Repeater to Retrieve Equipment
03:24 – Cleaning Up the Salvaged Equipment
05:00 – Building a New Home for the Repeater
09:05 – A Look at the Rack Layout and an Equipment Description
11:01 – Final Remarks
11:30 – Thank You KB9SIP andKB9SGN
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