Calling CQ POTA Parks On The Air on Phone- Park K-1023 Tomoka State Park Florida on Icom 7300

Using my Icom 7300 at Tomoka State Park. Tomoka State Park is a great destination for active ham radio operators. As part of the Parks On The Air (POTA) initiative, each year amateur radio enthusiasts visit the park with the goal of generating additional activity on the respective ham bands and making new contacts to honor this protected space. Tomoka State Park makes for an ideal POTA experience, allowing visitors to explore its natural beauty while helping to promote activation of these sometimes-less active frequencies.
SSB contacts in this video are:
* K-1923 Tomoka State Park in this video…

Calling CQ POTA Parks On The Air on Single Sideband – Park K-1023 Tomoka State Park Florida. The correct format for calling CQ POTA on single sideband would be: [CQ POTA, CQ POTA, CQ POTA, this is (your call sign) calling CQ POTA, Parks On The Air. Park reference Kilo One Zero Two Three, Tomoka State Park, Florida. (Your call sign) is standing by and listening for any calls.] That’s a pretty formal way to call CQ POTA, so see how I like to do it in the video. Can it be improved?

Please note that it is important to give your location, park reference, and call sign clearly and slowly for effective communication. Good luck and have fun in your park activation!
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00:00 Introduction
00:10 Calling CQ
01:07 Discussion Tomoka State Park
01:25 Amenities in Camper
01:38 Icom 7300 Station and laptop
01:50 Software
02:01 Log4OM
02:12 Link my website
02:29 K0PIR.
03:46 Driving into Tomoka
04:56 Drone footage over Tomoka
05:39 Operating on SSB & many contacts
18:59 CW operation

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