Chalk Line Antenna Reel –  Best Wire Antenna Hack I Have Ever Used! EFHW, Dipoles, and More.

This Is The BEST Wire Antenna Hack for Ham Radio and Short Wave Radio.
This is now my favorite wire hack for Ham Radio Wire Antennas. Updated note, I did use the copper fishing line and it’s awesome. Why, because I can use an alligator clip with it and have the reel side next to my efhw.. Copper adds weight.

This trick works with:
CB Radio Dipoles
Ham Radio Dipoles
Random Wire
and others if you can get the right lengths.

Want to buy a full EFHW with a reel – Check out this video

Want to buy the parts and build a wire spool – Here’s some affiliate links:

Irwin Strait Line –
BNTECHGO 30 Gauge –
American Fishing Wire Surfstrand –

Want written instructions on how to do this? There are plenty on google, but w3atb did a good job

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