Common Circuits You Should Know: The Current Mirror

Common Circuits You Should Know: The Current Mirror

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Yes, I know my hands are large/fat. It’s because of a heart condition I suffer from called Congestive Heart Failure. Here’s a link to some information about CHF:
One of the symptoms is that is causes fluid retention, mostly in the hands, feet/ankles, and face.
It will kill me one day. I’m doing ok right now, but someday…
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Here is all the gear I currently use:
Oscilloscope: Micsig STO1104c
Power Supply 1: TekPower TP3005N
Power Supply 2: RUIDENG DP50V5A
Signal Generator: JS2800
DMM1: Owon18B
DMM2: Aneng 8008
DMM3: Aneng 8009
DMM4: Uni-T UT801
Soldering Station1: Zeny (Yihua)862D+
Soldering Station2: KSGR T12
Light Meter Smart Sensor AS803

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