Crazy Old Men On The Ham Radio They’re Onto Us Again

Listen to Crazy Old Men On The Ham Radio They’re Onto Us Again

Grumpy Old Hams is not associated with any other channel on YouTube. This channel was created for the entertainment of ham operators arguing and getting out of control along with the characters that are used to make it more exciting and fun.

We are working on the characters to make them more fun or crazy.

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If you are interested in receiving SDR on your pc, you can get a USB device that will allow you to receive shortwave radio on your computer. It is not at all expensive and can be easily set up.

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USB Dongle:
Antenna for the SDR:

If you are not sure about the USB Dongle, below are some really good SSB Shortwave radios:

Eton – Elite 750:

My favorite affordable HF radio is the Xiegu G90 this little radio is not bad in price for the functions it has and this rig is modifiable for 11 meters.

Xiegu G90:
Xiegu DE-19 Expansion for the g90:


The software to run the SDR is free and can be found online here with instructions:

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Most of the characters in these videos were created solely by us and the videos, in general, are under Copyright @ GrumpyOldHams Reproducing any of these videos is prohibited.

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