Deep Dive Into The RigExpert AA-2000 ZOOM Antenna Analyzer,  SWR/TDR/Cable Loss And MORE!! Part 1

Here is the Rigexpert AA-2000 Zoom, their flagship antenna analyzer. This is SO MUCH MORE than checking SWR. This is a complete analysis in your hand.
Check antennas for resonance and see every aspect of the antenna and system.
Using the TDR feature, you can map out your feedline and check for shorts or faults within your coax or antenna.
Measure cable length, calculate velocity factor and see the loss of your length of coax at different frequencies.
This is part 1 of 3. Next part will be about the ANTSCOPE USB software and the Bluetooth connectivity to the app on your phone.
You can check out the entire line of RigExpert antenna analyzers at the link below, and use the code at the top of the page to save 5% on this analyzer or ANY RigExpert they offer. />
The new Podcast is here.. Stay tuned for the details…

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