DiY 24v LifePO4 Battery – DIY 24v Lithium iron phosphate

DiY 24v LifePO4 battery from 8 – 3.2v 150ah raw cells from aliexpress. The DIY Lithium Iron Phosphate pack has since been changed to a DiY 12v 300 ah LifePO4 pack that I will make a new video about because the aims inverter charger I had bought I sent back. The inverter charger wouldn’t push the 30 amp service through the automatic transfer switch and kept tripping. I have since ordered the gopower 3000 watt inverter charger that can handle 50 amps through service, stay tuned for the new video and I hope this one helps.
Daly BMS W/bluetooth :
16 – 200ah LifePO4 Calb Cells :


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