DX Commander Expedition vs. 30mph+ Winds!

It wasn’t this windy when I set off to work /P in the Yorkshire Dales today.

Had a good day DXing.

I had one issue with the second bottom section of the pole slipping. This is the one taking all the pressure of the guy-plate and the strong wind. I tape all the joints for good measure (one turn of tape), but I added several turns on this joint to help the jubilee clip take the additional pressure of the wind. All was ok after this 👍🏻 You can see I had all three guys just on the one side, that’s how windy it was (constant direction).

You can run a guy from the top spreader, which I would have done if I’d taken some extra guy rope…..lesson for next time 🙄

Still easy to put up and take down, despite the gale.

There are other amateur/ham radio related videos on this ianxfs channel. Feel free to browse and subscribe 👍🏻



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