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Big Geek Battery Box, https://k8mrd.square.site
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Tri-Lam BuddiStick Pro Counterpoise Support: https://k8mrd.square.site

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Happy Skull Guy: https://grapevineamateurradio.com/collections/youtubers-bunch/products/k8mrd-radio-stuff-t-shirt-special-order
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Parks On The Air Merch (non affiliate) https://www.clubgearonline.com

Links to other stuff (affiliate where possible)
**Save 15% off your Coax order at ABR Industries. Use code K8MRD at checkout.

The SkyHook Portable Mast Antenna Mount (non affiliate)
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5% off Messi & Paoloni Coax
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https://messi.it. (or you can order from Gigaparts)

Signal Stuff Signal Stick Antennas:
BNC Antenna: https://signalstuff.com/super-elastic-signal-stick-bnc/?ref=4089 />SMA Female Antenna: https://signalstuff.com/super-elastic-signal-stick-sma-female/?ref=4089 />SMA Male Antenna: https://signalstuff.com/super-elastic-signal-stick-sma-male/?ref=4 />Signalstuff Antennas: https://signalstuff.com/?ref=4089 />
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