Finally Got These Radios In (KG-UV9GX & KG-UV9PX) All New Ham and GMRS: Let’s Get Them On The Air!!!

I was able to purchase the two radios I have been waiting on for several months. The new Wouxun KG-UV9GX GMRS radio and the new Wouxun KG-UV9PX Ham version both from Better Safe Radio. I got some local channels in there and will do some distance tests out on the road. Lets see how these do in filed tests while in Denver and the Houston areas.

I have started a crowd fund account for donations to the channel and memberships if desired as well as a Patreon account for membership as well. Definitely no obligation to donate but if you would like to see exciting new radios and equipment for product reviews a donation or membership would go along way in providing the monies to get these items. Once I do thorough product review and some tutorial videos of an item I will be hosting giveaways of the items through this YouTube channel.

Please see below for the crowdfund and patreon links as well as my affiliate links and discounts to different vendors.

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