Finally I got the DX Commander M0XXT in my log! – op. Callum M0MCX

I’ve been chasing Callum M0MCX (the DX Commander) for more than a year!
He’s operating as M0XXT, which is the DX Commander factory team.
See QRZ for more information:

His HF live streams are usually during week days and on top of that my conditions aren’t the best for U.K. calls, especially on 40m.
This is a screen recording, that is from his YouTube LIVE stream from today.

Just a week ago I’ve replaced my AMPRO 80 antenna with AMPRO 20, so finally I managed to make a QSO with Cal and on 14Mhz which seems a lot better for QSOs with U.K. stations.

Cal is a great ham radio YouTuber. Check his channel for some great videos:
He also developed his own HF multiband antenna, which you can buy in his online store!


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