First attempts with the Tidradio Bluetooth Baofeng Radio Programmer, Glitches Found.

New video, It Works!!:

UPDATE: Tidradio replied to me about the video.
The channels above the gap were programmed for Weather stations and for RX Only.
Apparently there is a glitch when writing channels if there is not a TX frequency, which can be seen on the video.
I will be testing this by adding a TX freq on the weather channels to see if that fixes the issue.
UPDATE: Fix Confirmed!!! Adding 146.52 as a TX Freq to each of the 10 weather channels allowed a successful programming. A follow up video will be posted in the next day or so.

The item is only currently available on Amazon at: and costs about $13.

I am hoping that they work out a few bugs and user interface issues.
If they do so, this has the potential to be a very nice addition to your go bag.
Currently, it does need a bit of work.

legal bs:
As an Amazon associate I make a few pennies if you buy stuff thru my links.
I was given this product to test and review at no charge.
No other compensation was given, and this video expresses my honest opinions of the product, including the good, the bad and the ugly.

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