For New Ham Radio Operators:  How to hook up your ham radio gear #mnhr

In todays video I am explaining and demonstrating how to attach your ham radio gear for the first time. I also make suggestions for connecting your ham radio gear so that it is easily manageable by using Anderson Power Poles. In addition I go over how to connect your radio to your power supply and an auto tuner. Links for everything in the video is below:

Powerwerx 4 Port Block:
Powerwerx 8 Port Block:
Powerwerx Fused Block:
Power Pole Ratcheting Crimper:
Powerwerx Connector Kit:
540 Piece Wire connectors assorted pack:

All the tools I own and use for Ham radio related projects can be found below:

HR4NT Amazon Tools Page:

✅My Amazon Store:
✅TOADs Discord:
✅ Product Recommendations:


My Current Shack Setup:

ICOM IC-7300
Yaesu FT-2980
DX Commander Classic
Comet GP-9
Diamond GZV4000 Power Supply

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