Galveston Island State Park K-3013 CW Parks On The Air (POTA) activation

This was a CW, or Morse code, Parks On The Air or POTA activation of Galveston Island State Park about 45 miles south of Houston. This state park has a beach-side and an inland-side. This POTA activation took place on the beach side which is on a beach of the Gulf of Mexico. The day use facilities are well maintained and the park rangers are friendly.

For this activation I used the following portable equipment which fit in a small pouch and an ammo box:
– Xiegu G-90 transceiver transmitting at 20 Watts.
– Homebrew 15m Dipole antenna.
– Bioenno 12 Amp-Hr LiFePO4 battery.
– N6ARA Tiny Paddle CW key.

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