Ham Radio Beginner’s Guide: AnyTone 878 Codeplug Basics

For this week’s BCU Live, Cody W3AMG will create a ham radio codeplug from scratch and walk us through the process, step-by-step. Codeplugs are notorious for being tedious and sometimes difficult, so we’ll show you how to make one without giving yourself a headache.

If you have any questions about your radio or ham radio in general, send us a message on our social platforms and we’ll do our best to answer it on stream!

Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3ssjYqN

Download the BCU Live Codeplug Here: https://www.bridgecomsystems.com/pages/bcu-live-codeplug-download

Browse Talkgroups Here: https://www.pistar.uk/dmr_bm_talkgroups.php

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