HAM RADIO: DX Commander Base loaded for 80M Vertical.  DX Commander

The DX Commander or other 10 meter glassfibre pole, fitted with a Loading Coil.
A 80M Vertical Antenna with a 9.68M driven element.

A base loaded DX Commander for use on 40/80M bands, with the use of the 40M element that’s 1/4 wave on 40m (9.68M). The coil gives a very low angle of takeoff making it great for DX, and because there is no ground on the coil it can be added to other elements to form part of an all band vertical (ABV).

Please note: That the original DX Commander uses on 40m –11.15m (foldback back down pole ) and for this version 19.5 turns are required.

Also a standalone version that can be.used with any glass fibre pole or bamboo Caine etc….

Thanks and acknowledgement to Roly – ZL1BQD for the original idea.

Coil: 25 turns 5mm apart on a 76mm OSD plastic pipe. tapped at top and bottom, I used 1.8mm enamel coated copper wire about 8.5M long from www.brocott.co.uk.

Mike M0MSN

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