HAM radio license in India | HAM radio classes online | HAM Radio in India explained by Aishi

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0:00 OSCAR with Aishi
0:10 Introduction with HAM Radio
0:41 What is Amateur (HAM) Radio
1:19 Who can be an Amateur (HAM) Radio Operator
1:44 How can you become an Amateur (HAM) Radio Operator
2:08 Types of HAM Radio Examination
2:24 How will you apply for ASOC Examination
2:49 Fees for Amateur (HAM) Radio Examination
3:05 Amateur (HAM) Radio Licence Fees
3:25 Online training for Amateur (HAM) Radio Examination

Its a global hobby to make friend. Here operator do not use cell phone or GSM network to communicate. They use Radio. But all user need a licence from Government.

Online Training for Amateur Radio Examination : You can take open Source classes for Amateur Radio from OSCAR. For that you’ll have to visit : https://beaham.in/

How to make payment for Examination and Licence ?

Fees for Examination : only 100 (INR)

Note: our official website is https://www.beaham.in
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