Ham Radio on 10 GHz – Hawaii to California

On a mission to try and break the terrestrial world record for the 10 GHz band between Hawaii and California, Rex VK7MO takes us through the journey and issues encountered.

Rex was first licensed in 1960 and graduated in Communication Engineering in 1962 and started working with the Bureau of Meteorology working on the Australian Radiosonde network. In 1973 he moved to administrative roles in the Head office of the Department of Science in Canberra and in 1985 Rex moved to Hobart as Deputy Director of the Australian Antarctic Division and then Director of the AAD between 1988-1999. In VK7 Rex is considered to be a Microwave Guru!

This presentation was recorded at the Tassie Ham Conference 2022 👉 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSuX83ay4OujogylrO6FQRw6c2vM5JeFa />
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0:00 Did it work?
0:32 Equipment at the Hawaii end
1:41 Equipment at the California end
2:39 Results
4:26 Microwave World Records
8:29 Typical Hawaii-California duct
9:58 Cloud on the path
14:38 Q&A

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