Ham radio – Why do antennas have gain? Ria’s shack Q&A #hamradio

Have #hamradio antenna designers broken the laws of physics? How do antennas have gain, that they increase a signal where it matters, when given a certain input?

Today I explain antenna gain, and show you two cool tools you can use to assess antennas and their effectiveness.

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HFTA was included with the ARRL antenna book CD and runs in Windows only. Stu, K6TU has a resource page on it: https://www.k6tu.net/?q=TerrainProfiles />
4NEC2 (freeware) –
EZNEC (commercial) – https://www.eznec.com/

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00:00 – intro
01:02 – topic overview
01:13 – antenna gain explained
02:00 – deciBels
03:17 – cartesian coordinates
04:06 – lobes
04:25 – reference antennas
08:13 – antenna directivity
11:30 – VHF gain and 1/4 wave vs 5/8
13:46 – tools
16:07 – wrapup

Ria, N2RJ

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