#HamRadio Live! 256. Play Ham Radio Without A License With HamSphere! + Alpha’s Hextenna Live Test!

Ham Radio Live Show 256 shows a way to work a program that works just like Ham Radio does called “HamSphere.” 

HamSphere will work on your laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone allow you to “make calls” all over the world! It includes a waterfall display and even a spotting network So you can try and work a specific area of the world and make contact with them!

All without a license.

Find HamSphere on your computer at: https://www.hamsphere.com/download.php

Plus, I set up the new Alpha Hextenna, Only 4 feet off the ground on Alphas optional (and best in Ham Radio) Tripod And tried to make calls with it using the Ameritron ALS 1306 Amplifier at 1,000 watts of power.

Will it make a call at that low height with houses all around it?

Find out on this episode of Ham Radio Live And then ask yourself just how powerful this antenna is if you work it activating a Park On The Air, or Summit On The Air!

Working anywhere with elevation for the Hextenna, or At the top of an extendable mast will give you a “Monster Antenna” Capable of working continents not counties.

It took me less than three minutes to bring it out of the bag and tune it BELOW 1.5:1 all across the 20 m band.

It’s the best remote antenna in the world. And it’s “no tune” If you adjust it right with your antenna analyzer.

Find the Alpha Hextenna at this link: https://alphaantenna.com/product/vhf-uhf-antennas/best-vhf-uhf-dipole-vertical-antennas/vhf-uhf-hf-portable-hextenna-alpha-antenna/

We sincerely hope you enjoy this episode of Ham Radio Live!

The Ham Radio Live Team,

Gunter, DK5ONV
Tom, AE1TP/A92GW
Rod, K7LAP
Larry, K7HN

If you’d like to support the channel, there are two ways to do so, the first it’s through PayPal. My PayPal address is the shows email address, proberbs356@me.com.

I welcome your questions as well as your comments about the show. It isn’t for everyone. I realize that. The main audience is for people who aren’t in amateur radio and inspire them. to get their ham radio license. Please reach me at the shows email address which is: CQHamRadioLive@gmail.com

I’ve also set up a Patreon page for you to help out with much needed and thankful donations. That link is here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=29807237

You can study for ANY of the UK Ham Radio License Exams at this link. But STUDY With a ham club or online company that specializes in helping UK amateurs pass their exams. I’m not a substitute for study! I do try to put things in layman‘s terms so you can understand them better to help pass your test.

Big thanks to Paul Herrman, N0NBH, for his great propagation webpage showing an incredible amount of information about the sun and how it effects ham radio. I get some of my information from his webpage. You can find it here: https://www.solarham.net


US Ham Radio Test help can be found at this link: http://aa9pw.com/amateur-radio-exam-practice/

The goal of this channel is to help people get on the air! If you’d like to know more about ham radio or find out where your nearest Radio club is to help get you on the air, contact the American Radio Relay League at www.ARRL.org.

UK viewers, if you’d like to get into amateur radio and receive your license, contact the Radio Society of Great Britain. You can find them at www.rsgb.org.

Canadian viewers, find the Radio Amateurs of Canada at www.RAC.ca

Australian viewers: if you’d like to know how to get your license Contact www.wia.org

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