#HamRadio Live! 441 Yaesu FT 891 As A First Radio? Solar Forecast& DXPedition, Contest & SE Calendar

This show was really made to make people laugh during some tough times in this world right now. My sincere hope is that you enjoy the content. 

Yaesu FT 891 Segment begins at: 40:35. Thanks to Eric at Ham Radio Concepts YouTube channel for the Excellent review on the Yaesu FT 891. You can find Eric’s channel at this link: https://youtube.com/c/HamRadioConcepts Please subscribe if you already haven’t. He has excellent content on his channel.

DXPeditions, Special Event Stations and Contest Calendar begins at: 19:06.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I thank you for watching the show. I am truly humbled that you do. I hope this hour plus of content brings a little laugh and maybe some joy to your world.


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