How much fun is CW?  K-2260 McCormick’s Creek POTA Activation

I activate K-2260 for the afternoon on a wonderful Saturday.

Equipment I use for POTA:

– SCG SG-2020 160-10 Meters SSB/CW
– VenusTech SW-3B CW Transceiver 40/30/20 Meters

-Lachy 12V 18Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

-Blackhole HF Antennas “Portable Operations Travel Antenna” POTA Pack V2 Beta version
-Blackhole HF Antennas Linked Dipole – SW3B-4320

-Vibroplex Brass Racer (NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION)

#hamradio #cw #parksontheair #qrp #mobilehamradio

A shout out to all my vlogger CW buddies:
@AA0Z @GraymanPOTA @Thorsonej @jomf8929 @K5YVY @HAMRADIODUDE @VE6LK @RedSummitRF @WQ9FHamRadio @k9kj @N7KOM

#cw #parksontheair #hamradio #antennabuilder

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