How to build a 48V LiFePO4 battery pack with 202AH Cells from Basen for Off Grid Solar systems

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Here I’m describing how I build my 48V LiFePO4 battery pack using 16 of 202AH Cells from I started top-balancing these cells 2 weeks back and included below is the video of how I did that.

1. Sixteen LiFePO4 202AH cells from Bazen Technologies-
2. 16S 150A Delgreen Smart BMS
3. Nylon mesh 3 x 2 foot
4. 8mm SS threaded rod x 1 (4 x 50cm pieces) and 8 x M8 Nuts
5. Two Pieces of Plywood

Link to video how to top balance LiFePO4 cells:
Link to Battery layout:

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