How To FM DX With Your Radio | Hear Stations 1,000+ Miles Away!

What would you say if you could tune your FM radio and receive a station that is over 1,300 Miles away?
Normally called FM DXing, or “He/She is a FM DXer” gives a sense of adventure to this aspect of radio listening.

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The search for FM distant stations(DX) has sparked more excitement here at Todderbert Headquarters.

The patrons at Patreon have coined the term Project FM DXeti for this endeavor.

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Multiple receivers and recorders will be setup to catch these sporadic e-skip FM Broadcasting stations from all over the US. A small measure of success can be found within this video, along with an education of how these FM signals are able to travel such a great distance.

My Sangean PR-D15 has been running the longest and has had the opportunity to find the most stations so far to date. You can use any small digital receiver with a DSP to help keep you locked into that particular frequency. An inexpensive recorder such as the Q3 makes a great companion on your quest for glory.

Good luck on your FM DX station hunting! Share your finds here in the comment section.

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