How we protect 48V LiFePO4 battery – GWL/Modular CPM

Guide how to simply protect the LiFePO4/LTO battery cells with GWL/Modular CPM.

We took Winston 3,2V 100Ah cells, connected as 48V 100Ah (5kWh) battery pack. Install the CPM module as battery protection and demonstrate function by using Victron Energy Phoenix DC/AC inverter 48V 500W.

Used products:
GWL/Modular CPM:
GWL/Modular Link:
Winston Battery cells:
Victron Energy:
Lithium battery charger:

Main features:
– Compatible with 4-16 LiFePO4/LTO cells
– Expands the lifetime of the battery pack
– Cell voltage indication range 1.7 – 4.09V
– Low operating consumption 0.65 W
– Able to control three bi-stable relays for charger, load and emergency backup
– Built-in battery emergency disconnection and shutdown
– Minimum and maximum voltage outputs and much more…

Introduction of GWL/Modular CPM: />
Protection demonstration with LTO cells: />
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