Hurricane Irma Preparations – Testing the Alpha Loop Antenna Indoors on 40 Meters

Hurricane Irma is currently packing sustained winds of 180 MPH and is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin. Here in Central Florida, we are preparing for Irma’s possible arrival and one of our preparations is to see if we can use our AlphaLoop antenna inside the house on 40 and 20 meters. Last night, we had a scheduled contact with our friend Ria (N2RJ) on 40 meters and the antenna worked flawlessly! We were able to make contact with her using the antenna on the kitchen counter while running 30 watts.

Our friend Julio (AD4Z/HI3A) came on the frequency as HI3A in the Dominican Republic and Ria acted as a relay station to transfer Faith Hannah’s greetings to him. In actual emergencies, relay stations are often used to pass information from one point to another because propagation conditions don’t allow for direct point-to-point contact.

This little experiment shows that the Alpha Loop should work well indoors during the hurricane, should it make a visit to our QTH here in Central Florida. Hopefully, we won’t need to use it, but if we do we will be prepared!

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