I Bought Another Ham Radio Mystery Box!?! Did I Lose Money?

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During Dayton Hamvention this year Main Trading Company had a special on their website for $59.90 you could get a Mystery Box and they guaranteed that this one would have a Radio in it! Of course I can’t pass up a good mystery box, so I picked one up. Watch to see if I lost money or not!

As of posting this video we are over 700 Subscribers! Watch the video to see what radio I got because at 750 Subscribers I will be giving it away.


00:14 Intro
00:45 750 Subscriber Giveaway?
01:15 New Microphone
02:05 Buy Me a Coffee? =)
03:30 Box Opening
04:00 Misc Connectors – Lots of them
04:36 Open Box USB Cable
05:25 BNC Keychain 1 of 5
05:55 SD102 Soldering Iron
06:30 Satellite TV Installation Junk
06:55 1/4″ Phono Plug Ends
07:10 Package ASMR and Speaker Mounts
07:55 More Package ASMR and 3.5mm Extension Cable
08:15 More Satellite TV Junk
08:27 10v Power Transformer
08:55 Times 2
09:05 BNC Keychain Number 2
09:18 Bunny Ear TV Antennas Very Useful!
10:40 BNC Keychain Number 3
10:45 Cheap Laptop Speakers
11:05 BNC Keychain Number 4
11:37 “High Quality” HDMI Cable
12:09 BNC Keychain Number 5
13:50 Subscriber Giveaway Announcement
14:14 TL;DR Contents
17:13 Skip Here For Prices of Stuff
21:39 Was it worth it?

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