Indoor Magnetic Loop vs Long Wire Ham Radio & Shortwave RX Comparison

In this video we compare the reception performance of a magnetic loop antenna mounted indoors, with a long wire antenna mounted outdoors. Since there is so much discussion and speculation in this topic, I wanted to perform a simple test to see if the magnetic loop antenna would be a viable alternative to a full sized antenna, where there was no possibility for a “best case ” antenna.
I tested reception of shortwave broadcasters with tranmitters within Europe and broafcasting from other parts of the world. I also tested reception of aateur radio operators on the 20 meter band, all within 5000 kilometers of my location.
One thing which was quite astonishing was the indoor magnetic loop antenna actually performed equally to the long wire antenna when listening to station broadcasted from within Europe. Stations broadcasting from outside Europe were perfectly readable on the magnetic loop, but performed better with the long wire antenna. Stations from within Scandinavia were heard on the magnetic loop, while noticeably absent from the long wire.
The magnetic loop antenna used for the test was the Chameleon F-Loop. Although the test was not specifically meant as a review of the Chameleon F-Loop, it does say something about the capabilities of this antenna system.


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