Introduction to HAM radio

Welcome to my new series of videos aimed at the newcomer to the hobby. This video is just an introduction, for the users who are interested in becoming an amateur radio operator, but don’t know where to start, and what to expect as a tech class without getting too much into detail this video…. I will be making more videos demonstrating operating VHF/UHF on the Technician clas bands, some HF on the general class bands, and also some extra class portions. The channel is not new, but the series is. I have many videos showing different radio reviews and now moving into different operating modes such as D-star, Yaesu fusion, and PSK31 on HF. PLease subscribe, stay tuned, and if you are a current subscriber to my channel, i would like some feedback on my videos as they come out, unless you want to tell me to go to hell i suck, you can leave those out. 🙂 Hopetfully this video and the future videos will help you build some antennas, use some equipment, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, know how to operate on the air, instead of memorizing test questions and answers, and show that you have learned along the way. I’m also starting a facebook page, i could use some traffic and likes. Search 73

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