Jim’s Asymod Icom IC 7300 Hi Fi Asymmetrical AM & eSSB Transceiver with Top Panel Controls & Amp Key

Take look at the new Asymod 6, Icom IC-7300, Hi-Fi Asymmetrical AM &eSSB Transceiver. This unit comes with the Asymod board mounted internally and with top panel controls. It has a built in amplifier keying relay which provides a direct connection to key up your amplifiers eliminating the RF sense keying which typically drops between words in SSB and with very little exciting power on AM. It also has a rear panel PTT connector to key up using studio microphones without PTT. No more need for wires, jumpers and external boxes.. Go base or mobile with style!

The Standalone unit is still available for those who prefer not having the controls on the radio.

Once again Asymod continues to breaks the barrier of limitations presented by this great software defined transceiver.

This Icom IC-7300 will transmit in Hi-Fi asymmetrical AM, eSSB and to the widest allowed in FM throughout all bands.

The internally mounted Asymod 6 defeats a set limitations presented by the IC-7300, such as:

• AM TX bandwidth
• SSB TX bandwidth
• FM TX bandwidth
• Minimum carrier 5 watts
• Maximum AM modulation at ~90%
• Swings backwards on RMS RF power meter

Now you can set your audio frequency roll offs points as desired via the audio process and achieve maximum TX bandwidth in AM, SSB & FM. The ALC timing has been modified to allow for max AM & SSB power. The carrier can be set from a .25 watt (250 mW) to 20 watts (It is not recommended to exceed a 10 watt carrier to allow for sufficient headroom. AM modulation can now be set to up to 250% positive modulation with the asymmetry control. Some Asymod customers have actually sent in their IC-7300 to have the Asymod 6 or TA installed to have forward instead of backward movement on their RMS RF power meters.

For proper operation throughout all the bands, settings on the IC-7300 should be set to:

For SSB:
• RF POWER: 75%
• MIC GAIN: Front Mic Jack 50%, Rear Line In 50%

For AM:
• RF POWER: 50%
• MIC GAIN: Front Mic Jack 50%, Rear Line In 0%

Audio samples on this video are only for demonstration. Audio preferences and roll-off varies depending on the audio process settings and is up to the end user to adjust them as needed. The Asymod 6 is preset to roll-off at 20 dB/decade at ~10 kHz. Modification to the onboard low pass filters will allow for greater bandwidth.

This mod is available for all solid state HF transceivers.

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