Learn About the Parks On The Air Program

Marty AF5T can often be spotted in local and sometimes distant State Parks engaged in POTA activities. Among his POTA awards are “Platinum Activator (40+ parks), “Arizona Agave Hunter” (hunting 100+ different parks) and other special recognitions for participating in special events. He has used his POTA activity to help achieve a 500 counties endorsement on his United States Counties Award and 20 meter, 30 meter and 40 meter endorsements on his Grid Squared Award, among other awards. First licensed in 2019, Marty holds an Extra Class license. He is also interested in digital communications, DX, RTTY as well as Parks on the Air. Marty serves as ARRL Emergency Coordinator for San Marcos, CA and is a Volunteer Examiner for the ARRL, SANDARC, and the GLARRG organizations. He will discuss his activities in local area parks as well as his portable station, which he will be happy to demonstrate.

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