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CQ CQ from KC0VFO,

If you had a contact with KC0VFO prior to February 3, 2013, you most likely spoke the original holder of the call sign, Terry Duehr.

My name is Curt Yowell, and I am operating portable for most of my HF QSO’s. I will still accept QSL cards for contacts made prior to Terry’s death on February 3, 2013.

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I like to operate QRP for the challenge, but will occasionally bump my power up if I’m not getting through on QRP.

Radio: FT-857D or FT-817nd, with the occasional QSO via Packet Radio conducted on my VX-8GR.
Antenna: 144 MHz J pole horizonally polarized unless otherwise noted.
Power: mostly 5 watts or less, unless I’m struggling to break though a pileup. Then I have a 10 watt maximum.

My conventional modes of operation: SSB, AM, and FM, with a contact or two on CW.

I have a few videos on my previous channels, but this is the current channel for my ham radio operations. Please note that when I am sharing my screen, I cannot see the chat box.

I hope to hear you on the air. Thanks for watching.
73 from KC0VFO in Aurora, CO.
Twitter: @KC0VFO
Facebook. KC0VFO Hamshack
Instagram: kc0vfo
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