My worst B-Grade cells vs. Certified Automotive Grade in a 100%-0% 200Amp Discharge Test. Surprised?

To bring the discussion of it is worth buying #certified automotive grade cells over storage grade (#b-grade) cells to an end, once and for all… here is the 200A high power discharge test: EVE LF280K certified cells in comparison to the fake ‘Hithium’ cells. The best I have vs the worst I have!

So far, we could only test certified cells with a maximum current of 40A and compare them to not certified cells, so called B-grade or storage grade cells.
The results did not show any advantage for the more expensive certified cells, in fact, some of the B-grade cells tested actually better…
Now, some say the certified cells are a lot better with high amp discharge, holding the voltage better, delivering more energy than other cells.
Well, without further to-do, here is the ultimate 200A+ full power discharge test from 100%SOC down to 0%SOC and my final #verdict and thoughts about certified automotive grade batteries…
Get your favourite beverage 🍺, some popcorn🍿and enjoy the show!

The JBD 250A Smart BMS with 5A active balancer (Muller Energy Edition):

When the JK-BMS goes up in smoke because it cannot handle 170A:

Testing certified cells vs b-grade cells. Worth to spend the extra money?

All results form this test (and more):

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