NEW!! Davis Sonic Anemometer, Davis Airlink, Review, Vantage Pro 2

Today is finally the video I get to check out 2 new products from Davis weather products. The brand new Davis sonic anemometer and the Davis Airlink. Links are below for each item.
The sonic anemometer measures the wind speed more accurately with no moving parts. An awesome upgrade to the traditional spinning anemometer.
The new Davis Airlink gives professional results on air quality as well as temperature and humidity. If you have respiratory problems or asthma, this unit will accurately give you realtime results on the air quality in your immediate vicinity, whether it be smoke, pollen or other air particles that may affect your health or project. The Airlink can be mounted inside or outside and does not require a Davis weather station to operate, it can be used completely by itself, although it will interface wirelessly with the Davis Weatherlink to include the report in your weather conditions on the app. For more information and purchase I have purchased many times from Weathershack, I recommend them here, at a very good price for purchase

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