New RFinder B1, Advanced VHF/UHF 4 Watt DMR/Analog Ham Radio Smartphone, NO CODE PLUGS NEEDED!!

My switch back from iPhone to RFinder happened in this video. A dual band VHF/UHF radio with a newly designed receiver for better sensitivity, new GPS mounted on top for better signal lock, 4 watts on both bands and best of all you never need to program a codeplug. The RFinder database searches your area based on your GPS and lists all the available repeaters. With the touch of a button you can access the repeater with frequency, offset, CTCSS or color code and talkgroup. Currently running Android 8 but they are working on Android OS 10.

If you are interested in studying to get your amateur radio license, then visit and use code eric20 to save 20% on each course you take. Designed by actual ham radio operators, they guarantee you will pass your exam on the first try.

Visit to see their lineup of RFinder devices
Visit if you are interested in the RFinder hotspot (HCP-1)

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