New Spiderbeam 10m Mini Mast exceeded my expectations!

Spiderbeam New 10m Mini Fiberglass Pole is equipped with the new feature – a metal eyelet permanently glued in to the top section of the pole. This mast is perfectly suited for portable Ham Radio operation and the eyelet makes field wire antenna deployment even faster. 10m pole is made of a strong fiberglass with exceptionally thick and sturdy section walls. The top section is still 6mm thick which makes it an ideal vertical wire or a lightweight dipole antenna support. At the level of 6-7m this Spiderbeam 10m mast is able to support even a light Yagi antenna (I have yet to try this out!).

I designed and 3D printed my own Guying Rope Collar for this mast which snugly fits on the 3-d mast section and provides not only a good support but also a possibility to rotate the mast when installed in working position.

I’ve also designed and made my own Safeguard Mast Clamps to secure the mast from self -collapsing under its own weight and guying ropes tension.

In this video you will see me using some knots to fix the ropes. Please look elsewhere on my channel for My Favorite Knots for Ham Radio, or consider subscribing and be informed timely on what’s coming up next!

The STL file for my 3D Guying Rope Collar print is here:

73! Linas LY2H

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