NOCO GB150 Jump Starter – Never Have A Dead Battery In Your Jeep Again!

Link to view/purchase a GeniusBoost Jump Starter:

Our friends at Noco sent us this GB150 (Genius Boost) Jump Starter to try and and let you know what we think about it. The GB-150 is rated for boats and trucks with large engines, up to 10 Liters and is perfect for use in my Jeep. It’s small and lightweight (7.5 pounds) and stores away easily under the seat – way better than my old fashioned lead-acid car-battery type jump-starter that I’ve been lugging around for years. The Genius Boost is almost idiot proof and can hold enough charge to start my jeep dozens of times, recharge my GoPros dozens of times, charge my camera batteries, drone batteries, and my phone – and most important, my son can plug in his portable video games and play it for days on the Genius Boost.

The Genius Boost GB150, and all other Noco battery Jump Starters are available at the Noco website at http://www.No.Co

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