ODMASTER APP iOS   TIDRadio BL 1 Bluetooth Programmer

With this video and the links below you will learn how to use GMRS, FRS and HAM radios together. You may need to unlock your HAM radio so you can transmit on GMRS and FRS frequencies and remove the privacy codes on your GMRS and FRS radios if they have them so you can hear the HAM and other radios on the same channels and frequencies. See all links below! Also see my Blog post: https://www.areaguides.com/GMRS

TIDRADIO – https://tidradio.com/ – TIDRADIO UV-5R Pro 8W Ham Radio Handheld 144-148Mhz/420-450Mhz (same as Baofeng UV-5R)
ODMASTER APP iOS – TIDRadio BL-1 Bluetooth Programmer

GMRS / FRS channel frequency – frequencies
5 = 462.6625
14 = 467.7125
20 = 462.6750

TIDRADIO UV-5R Pro 8W = https://www.amazon.com/TIDRADIO-Handheld-3800mAh-Battery-Upgraded/dp/B08GK8PTTL

Chirp to program on a mac = https://youtu.be/YrQv01uygvA

Programming Channels on the BaoFeng UV-5R = https://youtu.be/ySag4R2VyBM

TidRadio UPDATED Bluetooth Programmer = https://youtu.be/MawIWcYL6-I

How to Remove RX and TX Codes from a Retevis RB27B GMRS Radio = https://youtu.be/kw7BgxtbUIE

How To Program A Baofeng UV-5R To Transmit and Listen To Other Walkie Talkies = https://youtu.be/AMQDY7zrFHQ

How To Unlock A New Baofeng UV-5R – Easy UV5R Jailbreak Hack To Transmit On GMRS & Other Frequencies = https://youtu.be/2sg3RJf1ZEA

How To Use A Baofeng UV-5R As A Police, Fire, Emergency Scanner – NO SOFTWARE – Keypad Programming = https://youtu.be/GoVZ_8f3jPU

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