Our 7 Favorite 4X4 Trails Near Kingman Arizona

Looking for some easy or hard 4X4 trails in the Kingman Arizona area? We will show you our 7 favorite off road trails in the Kingman and Oatman areas. These 4×4 offroad trails range from easy to difficult.

In the video:

#7 – Devil’s Dip Parallel Trail
Not far from Interstate 40, the Devil’s Dip Parallel in an easy UP AND DOWN trail with panoramic views of the Hualapai (pronounced WALL-A-PIE) Mountains and surrounding forests. This easier trail parallels the Devil’s Dip Rock Crawling trail, in the wash far below. Most drivers finish this trail in 90-minutes or less.

#6 – Sleeping Princess Jeep Trail
With it’s trailhead in the Black Mountains only 24 miles west of Kingman, the Sleeping Princess is a 21-mile long trail that offers two very difficult options – The Bob Miller trail and Hell’s Half Mile. Conservative drivers that want to avoid body damage and remain on Sleeping Princess are rewarded with fantastic views of the Black Mountains and the Colorado River valley far below.

#5 – Bob Miller Trail 4×4 Trail
The first of two very difficult offshoots on the Sleeping Princess trail, the Bob Miller offroad trail requires drivers to navigate into a 40-foot deep ravine, with an 80-foot drop off along the right hand side. Drivers who make it are rewarded with a bone-jarring drive through a rocky channel. Plan on being slammed around in your off-road vehicle because there’s plenty of rocks and steep drop offs – If it’s not challenging enough going in, you can turn around and go back for even more fun

#4 – Hell’s Half Mile OHV Trail
The second optional off-shoot along the Sleeping Princess trail, Hell’s Half Mile is a narrow rocky ravine with several difficult 90-degree turns. Maneuverability is essential on this trail, so longer off road vehicles and Jeeps are at a disadvantage. This trail is for experienced off-roaders only, and front & rear lockers are recommended

#3 – Moss Wash Jeep Trail
Only about 40 minutes southeast of Kingman and well up in the Wall-a-pie mountains, Moss Wash is a moderately difficult trail that leads 3 miles up to the historic Gold King Mine and Mansion AKA the Moss Mansion. Off-roaders will encounter slippery rocks, wash-outs, and loose-steep climbs on this trail so a lot of flex and at least one locker are recommended.

#2 – The Serendipity Off Road Trail
With a very difficult gatekeeper, Serendipity is a short but difficult trail recommended only for experienced off-roaders. With a lower elevation than the other trails, the terrain is more desert-like and drivers can expect hotter weather. Bring plenty of water and safety gear, and plan on being on the trail for at least several hours.

#1 – Candy Ass Jeep Trail
Located 2,700 feet up in Arizona’s Black Mountains, the Candy Ass trail starts just north of th historic town of Oatman. Like an enormous rock wall, Candy Ass has the tallest gatekeeper we’ve ever seen. Beyond the gatekeeper drivers will follow a long, narrow, and rocky trail lined with an army of cholla cactus. We suggest starting the day with a relaxing breakfast at Olive’s Restaurant, because you’ll need your energy while waiting for the rigs in front of you to do trail repairs.

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