Parks On The Air:  @ Fort Owen State Park K-2572. My 1st Field use of the Xiegu G-90  QRP

I have not done much QRP work in my 45 years as a ham. Since getting into SOTA & POTA I decided it was time. I was reluctant to buy a Chinese radio, but was pushed over by price and some good reviews. This park is about 5 miles south of my home here in the Bitterroot Valley. I used the EFHW antenna, lashed up to the shelter post. I set the power at 15 watts. It will do 20W. Most of my contacts were on 15M. There’s a learning curve in using this radio. At 1st, I was a bit frustrated. But had to clear my mind from the techniques used with the Icom radios in my shack. It’s a great little radio for the price. QRP makes you really work for every contact. Thanks to all the chasers who found my “peanut whistle” signal.

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